Microdermabrasion delivers a controlled stream of fine crystals, that are vacuumed across the skin’s surface gently polishing the skin and removing dead or damaged skin cells. Immediately following the treatment, residual crystals are brushed off, the area is cleansed and rinsed with a botanical toner. A healing treatment cream and sunscreen is applied as a final step. A slight windburn sensation may be experienced. Your certified skin care therapist will suggest post treatment skin care and instructions.

·         Aging Skin

·         Fine lines

·         Wrinkles

·         Brown spots/pigmentation

·         Devitalized Skin


·         Deep skin peeling

·         Acne Skin

·         Acne scars

·         Congested skin

·         Seborrhea

·         Deep skin peeling


·         Dull skin

·         Thickened skin

·         Blemished skin

·         Large pores