Acne Skin Care System

$142.00 $113.60

Acne System includes:

  • Pumice Cleanser
  • Purifying Trio
  • Calming Fluid
  • Facial Shampoo
  • SPF 30 ultra light
  • Free phone consultation
  • Home care Regimen with skin care tips and tricks


What is Acne?



Whether it is mild, moderate or severe, it still falls in the acne category. Your skin is constantly producing new cells and oils. This oil becomes sticky and adheres to dead skin, which can clog your pores and cause white heads, black heads and flare ups. Many acne flare-ups are caused by hormonal imbalances and the skins inability to slough off dead skin cells. Daily exfoliation will reduce blemishes. Genetics play an important role in acneic skin conditions. Although there is no permanent solution, acne is treatable with effective salon treatments and a home skin care regimen
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